About Centrionics

Measure the quality

CENTRIONICS is a Malaysian based success story founded in March 2004. CENTRIONICS became a leading product and service provider for the Offshore, Natural Gas, Oil Refining, Environmental, Petrochem, Oleochem, Powerplant, Water Treatment and other environment-related industries; all by capitalizing on the growing SEA market.

For more than a decade, the CENTRIONICS brand has been synonymous with quality service and enterprise orientated success nationwide.

CENTRIONICS puts both development and customer service at the forefront of the organization. For over a decade, CENTRIONICS prides itself on the diversification of market segments, while still being highly targeted and specialized at offering services, products, and training for each business.

CENTRIONICS puts environmental safety and monitoring at the forefront of our organization – giving you peace of mind 24/7.

The main purpose of CENTRIONICS is simple; to offer an effective method to measure the quality of elements such as in an environment. Safety, quality of health and environmental sustainability are important values that the foundation of CENTRIONICS are built on; as we work constantly to develop and improve our organization’s availability to provide for modern needs.

CENTRIONICS is built on the strong foundation of customer satisfaction; with our team of experts devoted to growing your organization’s maximum potential.

At CENTRIONICS, we immerse ourselves in the industry and all of its workings -offering highly targeted and specialized solutions that are tailor-made to each client’s specific needs.

We implement tried-and-tested, internationally renowned solutions, services, and products to each of our clients. We forge connections between world-class service and people. At CENTRIONICS, we are all about listening to your questions. Subsequently, we like answering them in the best way possible.