Siemens has developed a comprehensive concept for energy systems worldwide – the first such concept that takes into account not only technology but also the areas of regulation and social engagement.


The MicroSAM is a miniaturized process gas chromatograph (GC) in an Ex d enclosure. Through consistent use of microsystem technology (silicon wafer technology), all analytical components are concentrated in the smallest possible area. The design particularly enables a distributed installation close to the process.


  • Fast determination of nitrogen in acetylene for process control
  • Hydrocarbon analysis of starting product (LPG) of a cracker
  • Hydrogen analysis in recycled gas and other process gases
  • Trace analysis of impurities in acetylene from a cracker
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The SITRANS CV gas chromatograph (GC), which is based on the innovative analytical technology of the MicroSAM, is an analyzer that has been specially developed for natural gas analysis.


  • Analysis of bio-natural gas in preprocessing plants
  • Analysis of natural gas in liquefaction and regasification plants (LNG Regasification and Storage)
  • Determination of calorific value in natural gas for power plants, in gas transfer stations, or during turbine optimization
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MAXUM edition II

The MAXUM edition II is a universal process gas chromatograph for flexible process applications with a wide variety of analytical possibilities. The MAXUM edition II combines various functional modules with a flexible oven concept and can therefore also optimally solve complex applications.


  • Monitoring of benzene in styrene in the ppb range
  • Traces of residual gases in ultra-pure gases
  • Crack gas analysis
  • Fast determination of benzene in naphtha
  • Determination of halogenated hydrocarbons
  • Wastewater monitoring with PGC and stripper
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